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Manik’s inception dates back to 1960 when it had started its operations as B. A. Publicity and was later christened as Manik Advertisers in 1993.

Manik takes immense pride and satisfaction in the fact that we are the ‘Creative Company’ and the oldest and leading advertising agency in Hyderabad that had served the industry for the past five decades and continues to grow to this day.

We are a Hyderabad-based advertising agency with an outstanding creative team and offer cutting-edge marketing solutions to companies for whom ‘customer’ – engagement, interaction, experience and satisfaction is the key.

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Manik identifies the appropriate media based on defined target markets and uses many sources for gaining insight into a consumer’s mindset.  We develop, plan, manage, place, and post 100% of all the paid-media activity in-house.

Newspaper Ad Agency

We are Hyderabad’s Best Newspaper Ad Releasing Agency that guides you properly, creates effective ads and offers best and competitive rates!

Our team has the expertise and experience for planning and purchasing all mediums, including TV, cinema, transit, radio, print, outdoor, online and social media.


Creative Advertising plus marketing! (THE KEY)

Advertising increases awareness, but does not automatically result in sales. The marketing function must fully integrate with the overall business operations to ensure the company delivers on the brand promise.

Our methodology for tracking marketing effectiveness is to create SMART (Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant and Timely) goals at the onset of campaign planning.


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Content Development: 100%
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Media Planning and Buying: 100%
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