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Creativity is a wonderful and unique attribute and when a dedicated advertising agency can effectively use brand creativity to boost the image of an organisation, then Manik Advertisers stands as an epitome for such novel attributes in creative domain. We are a Hyderabad-based advertising agency with an outstanding creative team and offer cutting-edge marketing solutions to companies for whom ‘customer’ – engagement, interaction, experience and satisfaction is the key.   History Manik’s inception dates back to 1960 when it had started its operations as B. A. Publicity and was later christened Manik Advertisers in 1993. Manik takes immense pride and satisfaction in the fact that we are the ‘Creative Company’ and the oldest and leading advertising agencies in Hyderabad that had served the industry for the past five decades and continues to grow to this day.

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Manik is an INS accredited agency that specialises in advertising strategy, right from the conception of an idea, branding, creative and media planning, print and electronic advertising, digital branding and creative marketing.

We serve more than 100 corporate & retail clients with an average client relationship of more than ten years. We are accredited with The Indian Newspaper Society and earned reputation as a professional service provider with quality and deliverability.

Every stage of media planning, buying, strategy & execution; we offer quality service that combines creativity with value and attained impressive strides in forging successful relationship with our customers.


Our Funda

The company leaves no stone unturned in its efforts to emerge as a major, diversified and integrated media company, with a strong leadership and business acumen, in order to play an indispensable role in organisational growth and success.

Core values

Well these are ingrained in our value system and has helped in having a good run and get good results out of what we do!


Strong moral and ethical codes in addition to transparency and a continuous effort to meet and exceed standards.


Timely planning and execution is the hallmark of our agency.


As a creative agency, we believe in ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking and innovative constantly which not only helps us in enjoying our work but also inculcates a passion to deliver better.


The driving force behind each and every endeavor of ours


Doing right things at the right time every time, remains our core philosophy.


We help define and achieve success and empower businesses with right attributes to be more productive.


Content Development: 100%
Design Studio: 100%
Digital Marketing: 100%
Electronic Media: 100%
Marketing: 100%
Media Planning and Buying: 100%
Mobile Marketing (SMS Marketing): 100%
Outdoor Media: 100%
Public Relations: 100%
Broadcast/Radio Advertising: 100%
Social Media: 100%
Web Marketing: 100%

We are Manik Advertisers

This is our dedicated team who work day-in and day-out together to provide the best services to our clients