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Design Studio

Designs that capture the attention of a target audience and hold their interest is a powerful tool. It not only creates awareness about your brand but fundamentally alters the perceptions of what you will be doing next.

Manik Advertisers understands the premise of how pairing a visual design with a targeted marketing campaign heralds a right platform for introducing your products and services, reinforcing your brand message and identity.

Whether it involves designing for print media or for web, we carefully analyse how your customer interacts with the piece.


The visual connection!

Fully aware of the concept and the meaning of message and image in mind, our creative team creates a buzz to boost the excitement about your business/company.

Design Studio

Our Design Services include

Print Design

Outdoor Signage

Direct Mail

Banner Ads

Graphic Design

Packaging Design

EMailer Design

Social Media Designs

Corporate Design

Interactive Design

Information Design

Website Design

What we believe

The Science of Art

The purpose of any design is to support the brand strategy and interact with its audiences to offer an integrated experience. We intend to engage audiences in novel and innovative ways, and as well forge emotional connects.

Our experience in this field combined with a penchant for making visually appealing designs, and customized copywriting will help enhance the printing of business advertising material.

Print Projects

The print collateral materials include the following such as Annual Reports, Logo, Multi fold brochures, Business Cards, Catalogs, CD Holders, Direct Mailers, Envelopes, Flyers, Folders & Binders, Forms, Letterhead/Stationary, Manuals & Instruction Sheets, Newsletters, Corporate communication, Hoarding, POP and Presentation Materials