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Mobile Marketing (SMS Marketing)


We’re living and thriving in truly exciting times, both for consumers as well as marketers! With new advances in mobile technology with each passing day it’s easy to understand why consumers are excited about these technologies but the excitement on the part of businesses can be justified only if they fully utilize the potential of these technologies. Mobile marketing via SMS is expanding rapidly as a new channel to reach the consumer.

Marketing through cellular phones’ SMS (Short Message Service) has become immensely popular these days. SMS marketing has infact emerged as a legitimate advertising channel all over the world.


Responsible advertising!

Manik Advertisers follows established guidelines in place for the use of the mobile channel for marketers.


The ‘in-thing’

The flexibility of customizing messages as per product and brand needs is leveraged fully to ensure the brand gets right visibility and promotion. We help you exploit the attributes of SMS marketing fully!

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