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20 Most Important Design Principles That The World Class Design Agencies Follow

Line: The line helps direct the eye, creates emphasis and gives a sense of movement on the graphic in view.
Scale: The scale draws attention to and from certain elements, which created emphasis and drama on the graphic in view.
Color: It creates a strong palette. If you use the right color process and theory it can create a need in the mind of the customer.
Repetition: It helps to tie a lot of individual elements together. It is crucial for consistent branding.
Negative space: You can use it to create clever images and it is fantastic for logo placement.
Symmetry: It creates a sense of calm. The human eye is generally attracted to symmetry.
Transparency: Helps interaction of elements. It can create movement and it must be used intentionally.
Texture: It gives tactility and depths to designs. It should be used sparingly and intentionally.
Balance: Each element has a weight. You must adjust your design’s balance via scale and composition.
Hierarchy: It helps user navigate your design. It also signals importance of elements.
Contrast: It makes designs pop. You must be able to contrast between light vs. dark and thick vs. thin.
Framing: It helps highlight elements. It should be aesthetic or purposeful.
Grid: It helps align elements. One grid can be used in many different ways.
Randomness: Don’t be afraid to break the rules. Asymmetry and clutter can be effective visual tools.
Direction: It gives the viewer a path on the graphic in view.
Rules: Sometimes break design rules. Don’t be limited to the rules.
Movement: It brings life to designs. You must try blur effects, motion lines or waving affects.
Depth: It gives dimensions to 2D designs on the graphic in view.
Typography: Pick a distinct font palette that fits your design. You must use it wisely and carefully.
Composition: The arrangement of elements must be done with scale, depth and hierarchy.


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