ad agency versus brand agency

Ad Agency Versus Branding Agency

How Branding Agency Works

As an expert branding consultant working for a branding agency Manik Advertising always amazed at the lack of knowledge of marketing companies or ad agencies when it comes to branding. Of course, they all say they do branding but saying a buzz word does not make it so. All they really think about is doing what they do best. Media. That is correct, they purchase and sell media. That is how they make money and what really matters to them. So while considering an organisation consider what eventually propels them.

Ad Agency versus Branding Agency

Another enormous disadvantage that advertising agencies have compared to a branding agency is their short term considering. Sure they come up with amusing and witty TV commercials that influence you to chuckle however they are extremely short lived. A genuine branding company thinks long term and how activities internally and externally influence the brand. For example you may have seen the TV campaign that components Kato Kaelin. That was clearly done by an ad agency that could care less what the long term impacts are on Asks brand.Obviously the client affirmed that advertisement and ought to be embarrassed.

How many TV commercials do you see that expect you to scratch your head in surprise? These were all brought up by advertising agencies that have no true branding knowledge. A branding agency would not commit these mistakes. Short term advertising is not portion of the strategy a branding firm would suggest. Everything is finished according to the strategy and brand identity of the customer.

Why Branding is Essential

So why is that essential? Building your brand identity is the most important thing you can improve for your company.It is the thing that separates your organisation from every one of your rivals. It is the thing that influences your employees to remind with your company or draws perspective candidates to your organisation. It is what decreases your marketing and advertising budget spending plan. Brand identity is the main driving force behind your company. It will also help to build your brand image in the commercial centre which is what you are after.

When deciding on hiring a branding agency or an advertising company consider what is imperative to you. If you are just looking to make a fast hit in the marketplace then an ad agency might be the approach. If you are hoping to build a long term integrated branding technique then hiring a branding agency will be a brilliant choice for you and your firm.

Bottom Line:

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