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Do you remember the old TV commercials of your childhood and feel connected to them when you happen to see them today?

Do you still like to tune FM radio and simply gets carried away with the audio commercials to an extent that marks them on your list?

A broadcasting form of advertisement has been a powerful tool which impacts a large number of users in a single attempt. It includes television, radio, and any other form of satellite telecast. Even though many believe that radio broadcasting is not an effective tool in today’s internet world, Manik has evolved and collaborated with the broadcast production industry. We believe that when armed with proper information, the traditional radio and television commercials can be more impressive than any other form of advertisements.

Broadcast advertising on Radio & TV with
Manik Advertisers

From creating commercials to broadcasting them on radio and television, Manik Advertisers has expertise in executing the entire campaign successfully. Either a product launch or a marketing strategy, you can rely on Manik for being one of the leading broadcast advertising agencies in Hyderabad. We are an oldest in Hyderabad who has watched closely the evolving of advertisement strategies from print media to broadcasting. Being an established tycoon in the field of advertisement solutions, we share strong industry collaborations with various radio and television channels.

Broadcast Planning:

Planning is essential for any business, especially when it is your first experience with the broadcast advertisement. Being an experienced player, Manik can help you in drafting a proper plan for your commercial with respect to ad duration, type of ad, jingles time, distribution of budget, and more. A well-drafted strategy can help you in getting a maximum coverage for the product.

Target Specific Demographics

Any marketing campaign when executed on the relevant group of targeted consumers at a favorable time and for a particular period proves successful. Our team of professionals can advise you on the target specific demographics to plan and implement the strategy in order to reap maximum benefits from the broadcasting campaign.

Budgeted campaigns

Any advertisement plan is drafted based on the fund allocated and not vice versa. It becomes very important that the campaign should be performed within the budgetary norms. Whatever be your funding capacity, Manik advertisers will provide you with a suitable broadcasting mix for the successful execution of the campaign.

Making video & audio ads

Our team is professionally qualified and experienced to make any type of video and audio advertisements as per your marketing strategy. We ensure outstanding efficiency in our projects which cannot be beaten by anyone.

Effective hours

Count your business growth when you have joined hands with Manik for you broadcasting requirements. Our experienced staff helps you with the telecasting solutions by guiding you through the effective broadcasting hours for your product/service.

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