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" Of all the dramatic media, RADIO is the most visual" - John Reeves

Broadcast production involves using radio, TV, cable, satellite or the web for the production of audio and video commercials. Understanding the fact that traditional model is no longer practical, Manik has evolved in sync with the broadcast production industry. We understand the fact that each client has unique needs and deliver a solution-driven creative model, customized to effectively use each opportunity.

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From creating radio commercials to buying radio media, our radio advertising experts specialize in direct response radio and know what works best. Our powerful approach helps in consistently replicating success and build profitable radio campaigns for you. We devote our efforts towards creative and effective radio advertising.

Manik can help your brand get AM/FM Radio Advertising, Mobile Radio Advertising to augment your marketing efforts making use all the tools and tactics of radio advertising. Manik is passionate about radio and radio advertising.

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Challenges of Radio Advertising:

Individuals are diverted.

Somebody who is tuning in to the radio is most likely accomplishing something else in the same time (regardless of whether it be driving, working, and so forth). This implies it can be difficult to catch somebody’s consideration with your radio advertisement.

People can easily switch radio stations.

There are many AM/FM radio stations that users can pick between while tuning in to the radio. In this way, when a commercial goes ahead, they can easily change to an alternate station.

Individuals are not spending time tuning in to the radio.

To contact the whole gathering of people of a radio station requires a bigger number of spots than TV. TV is some of the time called appointment viewing. Viewers for the most part have the aim of viewing a whole show from start to end.

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