Channel partner of NowFloats

Contributing to the sales of NowFloats which in turn deals with the tools to optimize its customers’ websites.

Manik is the best channel partner of NowFloats which performs up to boost the business. We have a dedicated team working exclusively with NowFloats and formulating strategies based on effective advertisement mix.

A brief about NowFloats?

While buying groceries or any other product online, on which website you prefer to place the order? Of course, the one that is most popular and rings a bell immediately in your mind. But ever had a thought, what made you remember this particular website or why is it that it is popular for the product you are looking for?
Having a beautiful website is simply not enough to get you business. Your website should be known among the consumers to an extent that and they should feel connected for their requirements. Along with designing, approaching people is also important. NowFloats helps you do that.
NowFloats’ business app, ‘Boost’ is equipped with SEO tools which optimizes your website on search engines continuously. It is an automated tool that when linked with your website works on the backend without actually changing the original content of it. Boost app takes care of your web content + social media marketing with just a click of a button

Manik as a Channel Partner of NowFloats:

  • As a channel partner, our team of professionals is involved with the management of NowFloats.
  • Our team works exclusively as an extension of their sales team.
  • We formulate and execute suitable advertisement strategies to enhance the sales of the company.
  • Our team represents the sales team of the NowFloats and is directly responsible for boosting the sales.
  • Being Channel Partner, we promote NowFloats in all our advertisement campaigns.
  • We can offer customized solutions for every business with NowFloats
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