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Striving to increase the sales volume of PartnerHorsePower who offers SAAS based assorted solutions under one roof for every business.

Manik has joined hands with as one of their channel partners to promote their SAAS solutions ranging from E-commerce to Artificial Intelligence solutions. Our group of professionals has been made accountable to support & promote various products & solutions as offered by them by practicing various marketing strategies.

A brief about PartnerHorsePower

Having a small business goes easy on capital but when it comes to technology, it becomes unaffordable. A smart businessman cannot expect an increase in revenue without adapting advanced technical solutions. Usually, it so happens that a moderate or startup entrepreneur ends in balancing the implementation of effective solutions and the resources in-hand. Indeed it’s a challenge to any organization to design and implement updated technical solutions in order to increase efficiency. With the limited resources at hand, either they can concentrate on effectiveness or can develop a system to execute. offers various SAAS based solutions which can be directly implemented in any business structure to enhance the efficiency levels. They deal with wide range of software services meant to increase the productivity and enhance the efficiency levels.


Few of the SAAS based services offered by PartnerHorsePower are:

  • E-commerce website equipped with payment gateway and other required logistics.
  • Data-driven energy efficiency software to address the energy consumption problem among large commercial consumers.
  • Efficient expense management system that can be integrated with accounting software.
  • POS / ERP solutions which can be customized and scalable anytime.
  • Cloud Telephony with inbuilt APIs that replaces the conventional business telephone system.
  • Customer experience management that measures customer emotions in real-time and acts as an input to increase the NPS (Net Promoter Score) of a brand.
  • Cloud-based healthcare products and apps that streamline and sophisticate the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Manik as a Channel Partner of PartnerHorsePower:

  • Manik’s dedicated team is associated as an extended sales team of PartnerHorsePower and is equally responsible for the sales volume.
  • We extend our complete support with the management in executing various marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • As a channel partner, we also promote PartnerHorsePower in all our advertisement and marketing campaigns.
  • We extend to offer customized solutions for every business with PartnerHorsePower.
  • Our team interacts with the PartnerHorsePower’s management periodically and helps with valuable inputs in channelizing the sales’ strategies.
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