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In this digital era, ignoring digital marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone.

The trend of marketing is changing at a meteoric rate. The percentage of change in the last two years appears to be more than it happened over the fifty years. The impact of digital marketing is so much that people are buying everything including groceries, vegetables, etc. online. Even in Hyderabad, many small and big local businesses ranging from garments, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. are reaching more customers by being online. Almost 70% of the advertisement share is now handled by mobile marketing. In this global digital world, refraining yourself from being online means restricting your business growth.
Digital marketing is a pool of various marketing platforms that include mobile, computer, laptop, tablet, game consoles, digital billboards, etc. with the internet as the major channel of communication.

Digital Marketing with Manik Advertisers

Being the oldest in market, Manik is the only advertising agency in Hyderabad that has seen the transformation of media from ‘Print to Digital’. We exploit the digital domain to the extent of building a strong foundation for the organization’s success. We offer end-to-end services of digital media in a customized, relevant, timely, and cost-effective manner.

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Internet marketing:

Internet marketing forms a major area of digital technology. It includes every gadget like a smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop, and television which runs on the internet. Our team has professionals’ who are expertise in various forms of internet marketing, who can give a boost to your business with all relevant tools of online marketing.


Content deliverance:

Content is the atomic particle of all digital marketing. Any form of digital communication like video, audio, email, messaging, social media, etc. require various types of content. Manik’s team helps you with right content at the right time to pitch the targeted customers. We deal with all sort of content requirements at competitive pricing.



You must know the address before you pick up for delivery. Apart from marketing solutions, we offer a relevant and updated database of many segments varied on gender, profession, qualification, age, occupation, income and more. By targeting right customers you will find increase in productivity and it also saves you from turning spam.


SEO Services:

“Google will like you only when others like you.” Having a website or existence on digital media doesn’t make everything unless you are known to search engines. Our SEO experts develop SEO-centric content with relevant keywords and perform PR and optimization techniques to make your brand appear on search engines.


Bulk Messaging:

Reach customers quickly & easily. You can avail our bulk SMS, bulk email or bulk WhatsApp services at competitive pricing.


Social Media:

90% of the B2C businesses use social media as a form of digital marketing. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, and more, are various social platforms to market your content. Manik can assist you in building a better portfolio on these social websites as well as assist you in reaching the customers through networking.

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