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"Electronic media is about sociology and psychology more than technology"

In the current world where everyone vies to be the first one to be noticed and to win, adopting smart media strategies is the need of the hour!

Right from the print media to the electronic media, Manik’s journey has been tremendous. With the advent of new mediums of advertising, the electronic media has created sufficient scope where every individual or organization is planning to advertise its product can employ this strategy fully.

Our history

Television is an indispensable and best example of electronic media. Whether one is watching movies, daily soaps, news, cricket commentaries or whatever, the common platform is advertisements. The interesting part is that the electronic media has even occupied our leisure time.  Not a single day passes without us seeing or listening to advertisements no matter what!

Being a Media communication agency, Manik also knows how film making is a core medium for advertising. We have the right expertise and creative team that creates a right script accompanied by a concrete plan.

We kick start the process by taking raw ideas from our clients and use this as a theme to develop script around it. Once the script is finalized we employ the services of the right set of actor(s) for that short film / Advertisements. The subsequent stage involves editing, sound mixing etc.; as we master all phases of the film making cycle. Manik has done lots of Ad films and loves to expand its horizon in this vertical as we continuously seek such challenging opportunities.

Manik excels in creating Scroll Ads, Ad Films, Audio-Video Presentations, ePresentations, Documentaries, PowerPoint Presentations that are marketed across TV, Radio, Internet etc.

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