Master Franchise of Abacus Consultants

Master Franchisee of Abacus Consultants, Jaipur for Video Resumes and video biodata

Bringing a revolutionary new unfold in the stream of recruitment by introducing Video based Resumes to facilitate the hiring process.

Manik shares the pride of being a master franchisee with Abacus Consultants. The job descriptions & job titles have become complex and so does the hiring process. The video resumes or profiles are of immense importance for easy & quick valuation by the HR.
The matrimonial websites are loaded with bio-datas where it becomes difficult to go-through each and every profile and shortlist the suitable ones. Again, the video-based biodatas can simplify the process of short-listing the prospective profiles for marriages.

A brief about Abacus Consultants

In a computerized world, where we have everything automated including a set of spoons to serve us food on a press of a button, we are still wasting a lot of our precious time in shortlisting profiles, either it is for marriage or a job. Abacus Consultants has introduced an easy solution that reduces the selection process and improvises the quality of hiring process.
Abacus is involved in making of video-based interviews where the employer should record a visual of his own while he read the job description. The candidate should also submit his/her visual with self-introduction. The visuals are aimed to fill the gap between resume screening and one-on-one interaction with the candidate.

Abacus Video Profiles can be used for two reasons:

  • Video resumes of candidates with a brief description of them, their education, experience, preferences, etc. which contribute to their selection process.
  • Video biodatas of people with self-introduction and other information that they want to communicate while searching for suitable life-partner to get married.

Manik as a Master Franchisee of Abacus Consultants

  • As a master franchisee of Abacus, Manik acts as an independent entity in business expansion while a dependent entity to appear as an extended organization.
  • We have a dedicated team to behave and perform all the responsibilities of a master franchisee.
  • We are bound to work in accordance with the strategies as executed by Abacus consultants.
  • We make the best use of our business contacts to promote and increase the sales volume of Abacus.
  • Our team performs and reports as per the standards and constraints of Abacus Consultants.
  • We are bound to obey and execute the changes as and when implemented by the parent consultant.
  • We are responsible for appointing area-wise franchisees in twin cities and twin states of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana.
  • We are responsible to develop institutional sales for Abacus Consultants throughout Telangana & Andhra Pradesh.
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