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Outdoor - Hoardings, buses, malls, cinema theatres, etc.,

How many miles you travel daily and how many hours you spend weekly outdoor in traveling?

In a research, it has been proved that a common man travels 200miles approximately per week and spends nearly 20 hours on the roads. Moreover, when you look into the metro cities of India, like Hyderabad, you find long rows of traffic waiting for the traffic signals and the length usually exceeds half-a-kilometer. It becomes more like crawling than driving on the road. Usually, during these peak hours of traveling, we keep admiring the nearby hoardings, advertisement on buses, and auto rickshaws, sale hoarding near shopping malls and multiplex, etc. Even though we will be rushing to reach our destinations, these outdoor hoardings and advertisements create a powerful impact on us.

Outdoor Advertisement with
Manik Advertisers:

Outdoor advertising involves majorly four formats – Hoardings, centre medians, transit, and alternative. To understand the presence of Manik Advertisers in the outdoor media, one can find out the possession of hoardings while traveling across the city. Manik is a renowned name in the outdoor media in Hyderabad and has access to hoardings in every corner and major market zones of the city. Being the oldest advertising agency in Hyderabad, we have a strong presence in the outdoor media.

Hoardings / billboards:

Did you ever get tempted to buy any vehicle, designer dress, exclusive furniture, etc. after seeing them on an outdoor hoarding while waiting for a traffic signal? We are sure that if it was Manik’s hoarding then it might have grabbed your attention immediately. Our hoardings are placed at an appropriate distance from the roads for easy viewing and the quality of every billboard gives a lively impressive look.

Localized Transit advertising:

When you are looking for area-specific advertisement, we can give you peculiar solutions. We share good contacts with various public transport businesses like buses, vans, auto-rickshaws, metro, etc. and therefore, we can easily offer localized transit advertising for your area-specific marketing strategy.

Valuable inputs on outdoor media strategy:

Not every organization is skilled with advertising solutions, especially when it is outdoor, because outdoor advertising is more localized and zonal specific. When planning for such form of advertisement, you can take valuable inputs from our professionals on formulating a strategy with outdoor media. Our team is experienced to guide you through the advertisement mix of various forms of outdoor advertisement that can generate good revenue for your business.

Impressive hoardings

When it comes to outdoor media, the quality or the appearance of the advertisement plays an important role. Manik understands this and never compromises on the size and quality appearance of the hoardings. Either you opt to place at road-side, or on any public vehicle, we assure to create impressive banners and hoardings.

Flexible time-based packages

Manik offers various packages of advertising mix within your budget that are also time constraint. If you are trying outdoor advertising for the first time, then you can opt for shorter duration advertising packages which will help you in saving your funds. And if you wish to continue with your existing package after monitoring desired result, the same can be extended at affordable tariff.

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