Public Relations

The advertisement makes the brand, whereas Public Relations keep the brand.

How many times did you inquire about a product before making a purchase?

When trying for a new restaurant, you will definitely check out the reviews first. Don’t you? This is where your PR plays a key role.

PR is all about your brand which is now been promoted by others. It requires analytical capabilities to determine the upcoming media trends for commenting and campaigning. An influential background can elevate the quality of press coverage and results in obsessive impact. A data-driven campaign can create well defined public relation programs. Public Relation in Hyderabad is mere about the leadership courage and influential contacts. The older the PR firm, the better the media coverage.

Facts about PR that you should consider before planning a campaign:
  • 96% of B2B consumers look forward to reviews and input from industry leaders.
  • 80% of business decisions are taken based on the company information available in press releases rather than the advertisements.
  • 70% of the consumers are likely to be impressed with PR rather than the advertisement.
  • 47% of millennials are influenced by blog content and social media.
  • 82% of the startups breakeven in the first year due to the PR campaigns.

Public Relations with Manik Advertisers

Manik is not just one of the oldest advertising agencies of Hyderabad but it is also popular for its long-term relations with industry leaders. We are passionate about public relations and deliver the result proactively due to our powerful media relations. In short, we deliver the output what you seek. Your association with Manik will definitely lead to reputation, sales improvement, and bottom-line results. Our public relations professionals who are skilled marketers can help with innovative solutions to design a new platform for your brand. We are leading PR professionals when it comes to services like Advertorials, Press Releases, Product Launches, Online PR, Press Conferences, Blogging and more at the national level.

Integrated PR:

Every product is unique and requires a totally different set of approach in marketing. Manik advertisers understand this and therefore we provide integrated marketing and PR solutions that drive value. Our PR tools are in accordance with the client’s growth and strategy that motivates the consumers too.

Product launch:

With Manik Product Launch is considered as the ‘Brand Launch’. We offer customized brand launch services that will be developed based on the type of business modules and budget allocated.

Wider coverage:

Media campaigning and PR are performed to obtain popularity and bring awareness. Our professional PR team ensures maximum coverage of your brand launch locally as well as nationally.

Online / Offline Campaigns:

In the digital world, if your product is not online then its existence has no meaning. Our marketing expertise performs both online & offline PR campaigns extensively.

Best PR practices:

PR can be performed successfully when you share good industry relations. Manik is a renowned Advertising & PR Agency of Hyderabad that shares strong relations with media leaders. We exploit these relations to provide best PR services to our customers.

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