Real power of print

The Real Power of Print: What Can Newspaper Advertising Do for Me?

‘The demise of print’ is maybe the most anticipated and least actualised phenomenon in our modern world! Every internet news platform says that the death of print is practically around the corner… every newspaper says that the print media is only becoming stronger. As usual, the reality lies somewhere in between the two opposing pieces of marketing twist. Newspaper readership has declined generously over the past decade, but there is still a niche readership of genuine print media left… one that is positively beneficial focusing as a part of your business advertising campaign. Today we check out the genuine power of newspaper advertising.

Newspaper Advertising

Geographic targeting is little easier with newspaper advertising. Newspapers are either local, statewide and national, and if your audience consists only of people who are probably to walk past your physical store, the local newspaper is a fantastic place to advertise.
There is a enormous scope of sizes available for paper advertising; you have quite a bit of innovative flexibility.
Most daily newspapers offer free help in drafting paper advertising copy and many will also do the creative design outline for you. This help is not always as professional as the result you’d get through an a dedicated advertising agency… but it is free!
Newspaper advertising always has short lead times, and enables you to respond to changing market conditions and economic situations.
Special positioning is available for paper advertising, to run in bigger distributions. You can request to run your ad close by a segment whose topic relates to your business, or on a particular page. In numerous distributions this unique arrangement costs no additional.

Newspaper advertising is fairly low-cost; especially when compared to effective media such as TV advertising. Numerous newspapers have seen their readership decrease However, you should remember that while many newspaper readers have moved to online, people are less likely to click on online advertising than they are to respond or remember to newspaper advertising.
There’s a great deal of “commotion” in the newspaper market; there are usually several major statewide newspapers, as well as a few respected national newspapers, with which community papers compete for readership.

Design and Image can be compromised by the newsprint paper. Although it has made considerable progress, newsprint has a definite grey look that replaces any areas of ‘white’ on your newspaper advertising.

Newspapers are highly visible… both by competitors, and your consumers. It isn’t uncommon to find your sales or discounts echoed by competitors a week after your own promotion runs. You’ll need to back up newspaper advertising with a strong and unique business premise.
Newspaper advertising is still a highly effective and relevant part of any media mix, especially for small and local-based businesses.

Print advertising is a highly focused and effective approach to promote your business. There are different attributes to newspaper advertising when compared to magazine advertising. For help choosing the best choice for your needs and buying affordable space, contact Manik Advertisers today