The true internal importance of branding & clarity

The True Internal Importance of Branding & Clarity

Internal Importance of Branding

Even though much has been said about the significance of brand clarity to a company’s customers & prospects, it’s implied this is essential to managing brand well being. Often overlooked however, is the importance of brand clarification to a company’s employees and stakeholders.

While the focus of research and branding efforts has been on the customers and prospects, I have been taken aback at times with the important partners and employees place on the procedure and result. The greater part of my work has been finished with fruitful companies “prepared” to take their image to the following level. Each of these companies feels that they have gone the extent that they can without formally articulating what their image remains for and exactly who they are targeting. They know that they should define their brand before someone else does, particularly their competitors.

Brand Clarity Meeting

While the procedure is customised to a company’s industry, brand and culture, it generally starts with internal, in-person interviews. The goal is to make sure that their experience and the insights are represented in the process. Unexpectedly and consistently, these stakeholders express a delight in the fact that their company is contributing time to uncover and explain their brand.

I am so glad we are doing this now, it’s a long overdue.”

We have silos that must meet up together.”

Our present target and brand position depends on who you inquire.”

“This will be troublesome; I am anticipating the result.”

During a time of digital transparency and communities, all employees are brand representatives, like it or not. In such a case it is critical they are a “choir singing from the same hymn sheet.” While we are obsessed with giving prospects reasons to buy our product or service, they are applying the procedure of elimination to determine why they should not purchase our brand. Conflicting informing is a prime supporter of elimination.

It is vital to comprehend our identity as people and similarly important to comprehend our identity in the organisations’ brand.. With clear direction, people making up an organisation can progress toward becoming diplomats through all their social “touch points.” Promoting a brand in today’s world goes well beyond the obligations of the Marketing Department only.

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