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Why TV Shows is an Effective Advertising Channel

Despite significant changes in the television industry, TV has retained its high rating as the best effective advertising medium. Over the last five years, TV publicising has maintained its efficacy and even outperformed other offline and online channels at driving key performance indicators (KPIs), such as new accounts and sales.

These are just a couple of the eye-opening findings from a new study directed by Turner Broadcasting in association with Horizon Media and marketing-analytics firm Market Share. aired more from the study that demonstrated why TV is a channel that demands attention.

Why TV is One to Watch

The study was conducted to show how TV’s viability at driving key KPIs for advertisers has developed and has remained versatile in the midst of the ascent of digital media. It evaluated a large number of marketing optimisations from leading advertisers between 2010 and 2017. By emphasising KPIs like sales, the study was designed to concentrate on the factors that marketers must consider while choosing the best media blend and trying to optimise their budgets.

A portion of the examination’s most critical discoveries, included:

TV advertising had the highest efficiency at accomplishing KPIs among both traditional and digital media outlets.

Television has stayed successful at driving advertiser KPIs for the last five years.

Television arrived at the midpoint of four times the business lift of digital at similar media spending levels.

Premium online video from cable and broadcast networks performs superior than video content from different sources.

Advertisers can use consumer data sources to enhance their TV advertising performance and optimise their spend.

Why Marketers Must Tune In to TV

This study was the latest contribution to Turner’s collection of research that supports the quality of TV advertising, in addition to revealing its potential esteem and sharing strategies for improving the medium even better.

Many companies participating in the study were surprised about TV’s ongoing high adequacy because they had assumed that the increasing shift toward digital media would have impacted TV’s performance and versatility.

TV is the giant megaphone,” said Isaac Weber, VP of procedure at MarketShare. “When you want to get a message out, that’s still really the most powerful means to do it.”

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